There are several ways to work with us for a quote or an order.

1. At any time during the process you may wish to talk with us by phone. Call 203.777.7707--we are readily available M-F,  9-5 pm.

2. If you have a set of plans or drawings for your kitchen or project and would like a quote, you may email or fax them to us. You may email a .pdf or .dwg files: tel 203.777.7707; fax 203.453.0149;

3. Design Consultation: We offer design and layout planning to help you with achieving the best result for your space. This service may include a simple sketch with recommendations for cabinet sizes and configurations to more complex plans and elevations. Call the office for details. We also have suggested layouts that can help with your planning. Click on planning link to left or go to
                               see all components available.

3. If you know what you want, go to                                , choose your box style; pick your sizes; select your materials and email, fax, or call us with your order to quote.

4. Go to PRICING GUIDE to help you understand what your costs will be. Kitchens can average from Small $8k; to Medium $15k; to Large $23K; depending on your selection of cabinets; configuration; materials, accessories; etc.mailto:design@boxkitchen.complanning.htmlpricing%20guide.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2
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