If you are in the TRADE, please call the office for details on pricing for multi-unit residential developments. 203.777.7707. 

Typically, BOX KITCHEN pricing falls into the following ranges:

Small: $8k -15k
Medium: $15 - 25k
Large: $25k and up

Design/Architectural Services: $125/hr
Plans and Elevations: $850-$2,500*
*depending on size of kitchen

There are many factors that effect the price of a kitchen, so we think we have come up with a great way to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing on design and quality, or give you the kitchen you have always wanted.

We offer 2 different pricing tiers for BOX KITCHEN to help you get what you want.

The most economical way to get a well-built and well-designed kitchen is to order the size boxes you need. If you have some level of expertise to figure out your layout and size of boxes as well as configuration, you can take advantage of the best pricing.

For example, here is snapshot of what an order might look like if you know what you need.
Material: all qtr sawn oak
3 boxes 24” wide with doors
1 single trash pullout in 15” box
2 boxes 36” wide each with 3 doors each
1 box 36” for sink
1 box for 30” oven
2 lower side panels
2 pantry units 80” tall
stainless bars for all drawers
knobs for doors

Remember: You can mix and match your materials as well as color choices. Be Creative!

NOTE: We can always help you with questions you may have, but it is always easier to quote a kitchen if you have some form of layout, whether it is a sketch or full-fledge plans and elevations.

If you are looking for more customization and accessories for your kitchen we offer more services that will help you achieve your final look. This level offers customization, design consultation and architectural services. 

Please call the office for more pricing details. 203.777.7707
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