The beauty of your BOX KITCHEN is that it arrives fully assembled and with some simple important steps, your kitchen will be up and running in no time. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our help desk @ 203.777.7707 M-F 9-5pm EST.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your installation goes smoothly.

1.	CABINET BOXES: All of your boxes will arrive ready to put in place. The single most important factor when installing your BOX KITCHEN is leveling the toekick frames first—before setting and securing any cabinets. This will assure everything lining up straight. The top of your cabinets should be installed so your finished height after adding your stone will be 36”. Sometimes the drawers will already be installed in your cabinets (if the weight is not too heavy). Otherwise they are easy to install using the BLUM instructions (included). The doors are marked for location and easily snap into place; and the side panels get attached as indicated on the panels themselves. 
2.	UPPER CABS: Measure location—typically bottom of upper cubbies are 18-20” off finished counter height ( 36”). Find the wall studs; level and mount the cleat provided; hang cabinet and secure. All upper cubbies are wrapped separately and also come fully assembled. They will have a cleat attached to the back for hanging purposes. The loose cleats (which are found taped to each cubbie) should be installed at the height you desire on the wall and then the cubbies hang from that cleat, and then secured to wall.
3.	In separate bundles will be doors; side panels; interior maple shelves; toekick finished material and filler material.
4.	The side panels on the island are installed flush to the front of the drawers and the doors respectively.
5.	PANTRY UNIT: will have side filler attached ready for scribing. Pullout trays are already installed.
6.	BOX KITCHEN is designed for 1/8” reveals between all components.
7.	Toekick finished material should be scribed to floor after all cabinets are installed.
8.	Filler material gets scribed, as necessary, to fill spaces as indicated on drawings.
9.	All doors and drawers can be adjusted to achieve final fit after everything is installed. See adjustment sheets.
NOTE: Make sure to wait until after all electrical and plumbing is completed to tweak the final adjustment of the doors and drawers.
10. After everything is installed you can have your countertops templated and installed. We recommend a ¾” overhang on all exposed sides to countertop. 
NOTE: The door and drawer adjustment makes a big difference in how your kitchen looks and performs. It is important to take the extra time to get it right.
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