Everyone is looking for great kitchen tips. Over the course of the last 10 years, we have run into almost every condition. Here are a few tips to help you not make mistakes along the way; and to give you a better kitchen overall.

1. Try not to cover every wall available with cabinets. First of all this adds significant expense to your overall cost and does not give you the open space that is necessary for a great working environment.

2. Maximize your counterspace.

3. Minimize all unnecessary storage. If you use something less than once a month, find storage for it somewhere else in your house--maybe garage or basement.

4. Add a junk drawer somewhere in your kitchen--keys; mail; rubber bands, all items that accumulate on the countertop.

5. Buy appliances if you will use them. There are many great appliances out there that can add to your kitchen ensemble--but don’t buy them unless you will use them. They will only take up valuable space for storage and prep space.

6. In order to simplify your kitchen installation, think about your kitchen more like furniture. Order your kitchen components on legs; or create space on either side of your cabinetry so you do not have to create a built-in look. 

7. Be creative in your kitchen. it is the one place you will spend the most amount of time, whether it is cooking, hanging out with friends, overseeing you kids doing their homework, or just preparing for company you want it to be functional and beautiful at the same time.

We are continually adding to and changing this section. Check back periodically to find different tips for your kitchen planning.
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